NCGL North Carroll Girl's Lacrosse

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Program Coordinator

The Program Director position is appointed and approved by the North Carroll Recreation Council Board (NCRC).  The Program Coordinator shall serve for two seasons or until removed in accordance with NCRC by-laws.

The Program Coordinator shall preside over all program meetings and serve as a member in all program committees. The Program Coordinator, subject to the approval of the NCGL Board, will appoint individuals to all positions designated within NCGL. The Program Coordinator (or their designee) will represent NCGL at all Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA), Carroll Girls Lacrosse League (CGL), US Lacrosse, NCRC, Tournament, and all other girl’s lacrosse associated leadership meetings, conventions and clinics / workshops. The Program Coordinator, in conjunction with the Assistant Director/Treasurer, is responsible for preparing the annual budget and submitting it to the NCGL Board for approval prior to the end of program season registration. 


The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and organized financial records for NCGL program and assist the Program Coordinator with budget development and reconciliation. The Treasurer shall review the receipt of all monies, collection of fees, and payments and will report on NCGL’s current financial status to the Council on a regular (monthly) basis.


The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all official records of the North Carroll Girls Lacrosse Board and shall be responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of all NCGL Board meetings and meeting notices. The Secretary shall maintain records, policies, procedures, and by-laws of the NCGL and shall make NCGL records available when required by authorized persons. The Secretary is responsible for official communication to the participants and NCGL Board, including but not limited to the dissemination and proper notification of NCGL Meetings. The Secretary participates in Board meetings as a voting member and provides items for the agenda as appropriate. In the absence of the Program Coordinator, the Secretary calls the meeting to order, etc.